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Type Location Sub Location Price Starting at $168,500 USD Construction 57 m2-119m2/ 613 ft - 1280 ft2 Bedrooms 1-2 Bathrooms 1-2 Built in 2021

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1 bedroom condos
2 bedroom penthouse with private pool.

Starting from $168,000.00 USD

Aldea Zama Tulum

Jungle Lofts is located in the heart of Aldea Zama, the most exclusive and most sought-after area in Tulum, in one of the main arteries of the commercial area where just by going down from your apartment you can find the restaurants, shops, and meeting areas you want.

This exclusive project in Tulum of only 6 apartments and two commercial spots offers truly functional spaces, where contact with the outside is essential and where the space, by understanding how we move,  is used to the maximum in a strategic way.

Establishing a connection between the interior space and the natural environment, this project creates dynamic and transformable spaces to meet different needs creating an IN & OUT Experience through glass membranes that open or close depending on the atmosphere you want to create.

Jungle Lofts has 1 bedroom condos and 1 two-bedroom penthouse with a private pool. It is designed by Muro Rojo Architects, recognized for transmitting their own language in the design of memorable and unique projects where they integrate every detail of the design to create a 360 experience.

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